Sound Systems

Make it loud and clear. Great Music deserves great sound.

No matter where it’s played, great music deserves the high quality that comes from a professionally designed and installed sound system.

With professional installers and partnerships with leading manufacturers like Bose and Klipsch, we’re able to give great music the great sound it deserves, implementing exceptional sound systems for any need, anywhere. Our Professional Design Engineers can create solutions for any size business, architecture or application.

Experience the
power of sound

When it comes to sound systems (or audio/video integrated systems) there is no such thing as one size fits all. As the nation’s largest commercial audio/video systems contractor, we can design and install a system that’s right for any budget.

The Importance of
Quality Sound

5 North Media understands the importance of quality sound. Your experience will have greater impact and integrity when delivered through a high-performance system. As the leading national provider and installer of commercial systems, we are able to offer quality sound solutions at an affordable price.

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Affordable high-performance solutions ensure you realize the full potential of your media investment

Featuring Klipsch®, Bose®, and other major speaker brands

Consistent installation and service wherever you are located

Can include video walls and control systems

Integrate existing equipment

Customized system design and consultation

Start your business with us!

From small business to national brands, whatever the size, 5 North Media brings years of experience with in-store music and audio visual design to optimize your workplace and customer experience.

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