Silence is the sound of a missed opportunity.

60% of callers who are placed on-hold without music or messaging will hang up. 30% won’t call back.

Whether you’re sharing the latest offer, reminding customers about hours of operation or inviting them to visit you on Facebook, Mood Voice Messaging Solutions transform audio messaging into a powerful part of your customer experience.

On Hold Messaging

Increase sales by as much as 20% with in-store messaging programs

A lot can happen in 60 seconds. Customers can decide to hang on or hang up. The on-hold audience makes up the largest captive market audience in America, and with a carefully crafted mix of music and messaging you can create a positive experience that will retain your callers, and help accomplish your goals.

In Store Messaging

41% of shoppers who recall hearing voice messaging in-store make an unplanned purchase

Connect directly with customers with targeted in-store messages and the right blend of music to engage customers, impact decisions at the point of purchase, boost sales, and reinforce advertising and marketing objectives, all while creating the right atmosphere for your business.

How it Works

The Creative Process

Writing is an art. Our talented and experienced writing team will create messages that communicate everything you want to say in a style that captures the brand voice of your business. From original concept to final product, our professional scriptwriters, sound technicians and production engineers will work to ensure that the voice of your business is distinct and consistent.

The Voice

With hundreds of professional voice talents on staff, we can provide any style, dialect, accept or language that captures the brand voice of your business and extends it on-hold and in-store.

Start your business with us!

From small business to national brands, whatever the size, 5 North Media brings years of experience with in-store music and audio visual design to optimize your workplace and customer experience.

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