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Mood Mix

Mix Create Your Own Custom Music Mix & More Designed specifically for businesses, Mood Mix Pro allows you to easily create your own custom music mix and personalize your soundtrack....


Core Music Samples & More Core programs offer a catalog of over 160+ professionally designed programs backed by the world’s largest library of tracks. Mood provides the best background music...


Elements An exciting new way to custom design the perfect playlist for your business. or-An innovative and exciting method to custom design a playlist for your business. Elements provides professionally...




Power of Music

The undeniable power of music creates connections and sets a mood. It can motivate, attract, engage, and be a competitive advantage for your business bringing customers in, and coming back. 5 North Media is here to help you use the widest selection of fully licensed commercial background music programming to create a unique environment that will set apart and enhance your brand, helping to build your business.

Music connects

Music connects with (alt: reaches) people at an emotional and personal level and can help create a deeper connection to the soul of your brand. Creating a distinct atmosphere through the power of music helps increase sales, productivity, and customer loyalty. Whether you need an affordable background music solution, or a more customized foreground experience, we have the perfect solution for your business and budget.

Start your business with us!

From small business to national brands, whatever the size, 5 North Media brings years of experience with in-store music and audio visual design to optimize your workplace and customer experience.

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