We’re all about creating connections! 

Working together, we help our clients to design and integrate elements that will provide a purposeful and meaningful experience for their customers.

We’ll help you easily create social and personal interactive connections that are important to your customers while generating the loyalty your brand needs. Our innovative mobile marketing solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes and help your business get ahead of the curve.

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Allow your customers to identify the music playing in your business with this popular app while using this connection to promote your business! Make location-based marketing a reality for your brand with Shazam In-Store, powered by Mood.

Social Mix

Social Mix Turn your music into a social listening experience Invite your customers to interact with the music playing in your business and allow them to select the songs they...

Social WiFi

Mood Social WiFi Enhance your customer experience with free wifi & build real social value Allows you to offer free, branded WiFi to your customers. Enhance the customer experience while...

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From small business to national brands, whatever the size, 5 North Media brings years of experience with in-store music and audio visual design to optimize your workplace and customer experience.

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